The Oracle Data Cloud Registry – putting consumers in control of their digital footprint.

Oracle helps increase transparency by showing you what types of interest segments are collected by the Oracle Data Cloud for use in interest-based advertising. Click here for more information about Oracle Data Cloud interest-based advertising, including information on how to optā€out.

The Oracle Data Cloud Registry shows third-party cookie-based interest segments that is associated with the device viewing the Registry. Keep in mind that the interest segments you see within the Registry are associated with the specific browser, computer or device that you are using to visit the Registry. Unless Oracle has linked browsers, computers or devices into a common profile (as described in the "Cross-Device/Cross-Context Technology" section of the Oracle Marketing Cloud & Oracle Data Cloud Privacy Policy), you may see different interest segments when viewing the Registry from a different browser, computer or device.

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Below are the interest segments associated with your computer and web-browser.
Please note that interest data is noted based on collective activities from your computer and browser. If your computer is shared, this may reflect interests from other members of your household.

For an example of how the BlueKai Registry works, visit (a fictitious sports site that will appear in a new window), and refresh this page.