How Does It Work?

Here's a step-by-step process of how the Oracle Data Cloud interacts with consumers:

  • Jasmine is shopping online for air travel between New York to Hawaii. As she visits different online travel sites that partner with Oracle Data Cloud, we store an anonymous cookie on her browser.
  • Because of her activity, Oracle Data Cloud associates Jasmine’s computer as being interested in Hawaiian travel. If Jasmine visits the Oracle Data Cloud she will notice that Hawaiian travel is noted as one of her interests.
  • As a result, Oracle Data Cloud's marketing partners will show interest-based ads on Jasmine’s computer that are relevant to Hawaii travelers. (For a limited amount of time.)
  • From the Oracle Data Cloud, Jasmine can update her preferences by removing her Hawaiian travel interest segment or opting out from cookie-based interest-based advertising facilitated by the Oracle Data Cloud (BlueKai and Datalogix) in the Oracle Data Cloud Registry