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The Data Activation System

A publisher's audience is their crown jewel. Every interaction between your audience and your content creates value even after the moment of that interaction. Publishers can leverage that audience data to drive higher audience engagement, better results for marketers and ultimately better monetization. Enter the Data Activation System.

The Data Activation System (DAS) is an enterprise-level, cloud-based platform that manages your data assets and provides a common data management system for all your marketing and customer interaction programs. The DAS is made-up of three separate products that work together to allow you to centralize, acquire, monetize and get insights on all of your data assets. Via the BlueKai Data Management Platform, Audience Data Marketplace, and Audience Analytics Suite, you will unlock scale and drive value from your data-driven monetization efforts.

The Data Management Platform

The BlueKai Data Management Platform (DMP) is the heart of the Data Activation System and allows you to organize, analyze and activate your audience data. Whether looking to find out more about your existing audience or looking to better leverage what you already know, the DMP is the most important element of your proprietary system. With access to your 1st party data, as well as the world’s largest set of 3rd party data, the DMP allows you to run analytics against your audience, segment them in a more granular fashion, and eventually deliver these segmented audiences to your advertisers. A DMP is a crucial tool allowing you to maximize the revenue associated with your audience, as well as broaden your audience through audience expansion, generating incremental revenue for your site.

For Publishers, the DMP Capabilities are:
  • Yield Management: Monetize existing users
  • Increased Inventory: Extend & amplify audience
  • Share Profiles: Monetize partnerships
  • Site Optimization: Optimize user experience

Mobile Data Management Platform

Engage with your consumers across your .com, and brand applications to drive conversion and awareness through prospecting and retargeting campaigns. Leverage the Mobile DMP (mDMP) as an add-on to your digital DMP or as a stand-alone:

For Publishers, the mDMP allows you to gain:
  • Inventory Efficiencies:
    • Drive higher mobile CPMs through audience targeting
    • Increase ROI for your advertisers across mobile web and mobile app.
    • Increase sell through rates on lower monetizing mobile properties and inventory through audience targeting
  • On and Off-Site Efficiencies:
    • Manage all 1st party data across devices in a centralized platform to create a unified view of your audience.
    • Deliver consistent message to your audience across all channels.
    • Extend reach leveraging BlueKai’s extensive ecosystem integrations.

Audience Data Marketplace

The Audience Data Marketplace is the solution within the Data Activation System where you can access the world’s largest aggregation of 3rd party data assets. Through access to various branded and unbranded 3rd party data assets you will be able to learn more about your audience and build a more robust view of who is viewing and interacting with your content. Via the Audience Data Marketplace you can buy data from validated 3rd party sources, sell your data to create revenue streams or create private exchanges with other partners for co-marketing and other purposes.

For publishers the Audience Data Marketplace capabilities include:
  • Monetize your audience data through numerous channels where BlueKai is syndicated
  • Transact and apply data from 3rd party sources
  • Learn more about your customers
  • Develop a 360 degree view of who is coming to your site by appending existing user data

Learn more about the data types on the Audience Data Marketplace here or visit our Partner Program

Audience Analytics Suite

BlueKai Audience Analytics Suite allows for audience scale and validation. Activate your audience results to scale your target audience to create efficiency while extending your reach. By plugging in your 1st party data and leveraging insights across the 360MM uniques available on the Audience Data Marketplace, you can verify your customers to discover new audiences and reduce waste.

For Publishers, the Analytics Capabilities are:
  • Surface value on existing key customer segments and charge more for them.
  • Align and verify audience targeting & messaging to eliminate waste and increase profit.
  • Audience amplification of users outside the parameters of your existing inventory.

The BlueKai Partner Program

The BlueKai Partner Program is your one-stop-shop for partners that we layered on top of BlueKai's core products. To learn more about unique value-add solutions that are available through our Partner Program, click here.