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The Data Activation System

The high volume of data being created across channels create a unique challenge for the data-driven Marketer: How to organize and activate my data to maximize cross-channel marketing performance. Enter the Data Activation System.

The Data Activation System (DAS) is an enterprise-level, cloud-based platform that manages your data assets and provides a common data management system for all your marketing and customer interaction programs. The DAS is made-up of three products that work together to allow you to centralize, acquire, monetize and get insights on all of your data assets. Via the BlueKai Data Management Platform, Audience Data Marketplace, and Audience Analytics Suite, you will unlock scale and drive value from your data-driven marketing efforts.

The Data Management Platform

Maximize the return from your 1st party data assets through the DMP, a centralized management platform for organizing all of your data assets across channels and partners. Gain intelligence into your audience to scale your best performing online and offline campaigns, minimize waste and drive more from your marketing dollar.

For Marketers, the DMP Capabilities are:
  • Manage all 1st party data across both PC and mobile devices in a centralized platform
  • Create custom audiences on the fly by combining 1st party segments and/or 3rd party segments
  • Activate audience segments across the mobile ecosystem both in-app and mobile web through BlueKai's mobile partner ecosystem
  • Audience insights that perform and refine audience offering
  • Create a new revenue stream by packaging and selling first party audience data to selected buyers

Mobile Data Management Platform

Engage with your consumers across your .com, and brand applications to drive conversion and awareness through prospecting and retargeting campaigns. Leverage the Mobile DMP (mDMP) as an add-on to your digital DMP or as a stand-alone:

For Marketers, the mDMP allows you to:
  • Manage all 1st party data across devices in a centralized platform to create a unified view of your audience.
    • Same platform for PC & mobile
  • Create compelling audience segments with all of your audience data
  • Activate audience segments across BlueKai’s huge digital ecosystem and mobile partners to target you audience across mobile web and in-app
  • Deliver consistent message to your audience across all channels
  • Leverage in-depth audience analytics to:
    • Increase mobile conversions
    • Achieve scale through audience expansion (or act-a-like modeling)

Audience Data Marketplace

The Audience Data Marketplace is the solution within the Data AS that allows you to tap into multiple data sources and convert data signals into meaningful prospects and conversions. Via the Audience Data Marketplace you can buy data from validated 3rd party sources to increase campaign reach and quality for prospecting across over 100 media partners.

For Marketers, the Audience Data Marketplace Capabilities are:
  • Acquire and target new prospects with data from 3rd party sources
  • Combine and allow data segmentation to drive audience expansion
  • Port your audience anywhere in the media ecosystem via BlueKai's Partner Program
Learn more about the data types on the Audience Data Marketplace here or visit our Partner Program

Audience Analytics Suite

BlueKai Audience Analytics Suite allows for smarter audience profiling across each stage of the purchase funnel so you can scale with confidence. By plugging in your campaign data with 1st party audience data, you can verify that you are reaching the right audiences AND use a data-driven approach to expand targeting to reach new untapped audiences who are more likely to respond.

For Marketers, the Analytics Capabilities are:
  • Connect all your media efforts to the same goal
  • Ensure your media efforts are reaching the right audience
  • Better understand your customers' profile at each stage of the purchase cycle
  • Apply analytics to refine audience targeting & messaging to eliminate waste and increase profit

The BlueKai Partner Program

The BlueKai Partner Program is your one-stop-shop for partners that we layered on top of BlueKai's core products. To learn more about unique value-add solutions that are available through our Partner Program, click here.