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Data driven marketing, perfected

The State Of Marketing Today: Marketing is being transformed. It’s changing from a culture of the “big idea” blasted out to a mass audience to one of the “big idea” being customized for targeted audiences. It’s fast becoming the age of data-driven marketing and marketers are looking to mine insights from data to retain a competitive advantage and drive success.

Business Problem: A world of data-driven marketing may be driven by data, but it revolves around the audience. When it comes to harnessing the power of data to speak to that audience, marketers are faced with three primary challenges:

  1. Volume: too much data
  2. Fragmentation: too many data sources
  3. Activation: making sure the data is not silo’d in a single location

Overcoming these challenges enables a marketer to customize their messaging based on what the audience wants to see, not want you want to show them.

BlueKai’s Solution: Finding ways to prioritize the data, build audiences that are actionable and delivering those audiences to all aspects of the marketing mix are difficult, but BlueKai provides the solution. Data Activation with BlueKai enables you to unlock the value in your data and use it anywhere, “unchained” from the various execution partners who are all looking for access to your data. We call it “using what you know, to power what you do” and we’re the most scalable, most effective platform in the industry to provide the solution. BlueKai works with some of the largest global brands to power all of their cross-channel marketing activity.

How Does BlueKai Achieve Data Activation?

BlueKai’s platform achieves data activation in three simple steps: it enables data IN from any source, allows marketers to UNLOCK the value in the data, and then delivers usable data OUT to any partner, channel or device.

Data In

Data is aggregated from any source and ingested into the BlueKai DMP™, a centralized data management platform. Whether its online data, offline data, mobile data or anywhere else you can bring it into a single location.

Unlock Value

Once inside the BlueKai DMP, marketers can analyze and optimize data via the BlueKai Audience Analytics Suite™. They can also augment data with the Audience Data Marketplace™, the world’s largest aggregation of authorized 3rd party data providers.

Data Out

Activation occurs when the audience segments are pushed out using our open platform to any of the hundreds of partners available across multiple channels and devices. That means your marketing is personalized to the audience, truly delivering a customer-centric strategy.

Building blocks of the BlueKai platform

Data Management Platform (DMP)

The Data Management Platform (DMP) is the essential piece of any data-driven marketing effort and the core of your enterprise-marketing suite. The DMP is the centralized system where all your data is stored, analyzed and used to build customized audience segments. With a DMP you can do many things:

  • Centralize all your customer data in a single, cloud-based platform.
  • Directly turn insights into action across any channel, partner or device.
  • Easily manage digital data usage rights.
  • Create private second party data connections with trusted partners for use in co-marketing opportunities.
  • Increase marketing performance through targeted message delivery and increased interaction rate.
  • Reduce waste by only targeting the exact audience you’re looking to reach.
  • Influence the customer experience with different messaging at each stage of the customer journey.

Included in the Data Management Platform are both the Audience Analytics Suite and the Applications by which marketers are able to do more with data.

Audience Data Marketplace

Check out the unveiling of the BlueKai Audience Data Marketplace as Oracle Data as a Service for Marketing!

Join us for a live webinar on July 22 or check out the on-demand version here.

The Audience Data Marketplace is the world’s largest collection of branded and unbranded 3rd party data available online. Directly integrated into the BlueKai DMP, the Marketplace provides direct access to more than 200 data providers, more than 30 of whom are branded and transparent in the system. BlueKai DMP customers receive unfettered access to all of the data available in the Marketplace for use in customer analytics at no additional charge. Data fees are only associated with “activation” of data for outbound advertising or marketing, enabling BlueKai customers to “try before they buy” when it comes to 3rd party data. This can then be used to supplement what you know about your audience by giving you a much richer, 360 degree view of them, which is helpful in developing custom audience segmentation.

  • Provides the largest collection of branded and unbranded 3rd party data.
  • Gives free access to data for analytics purposes.
  • Enables deeper understanding of your audience, both customers and prospects.
  • Allows you to acquire and target new prospects with data from 3rd party sources.
  • Combines data and allows data segmentation to drive audience expansion.
  • Enables you to port your audience anywhere in the media ecosystem via BlueKai's Partner Program.