BlueKai Exchange

We help our partners seamlessly integrate with the BlueKai Data Exchange.

We offer our partners the ability to integrate tightly with the BlueKai Exchange to create better value proposition and ease of use with their clients through the following tools:

BlueKai APIs

BlueKai provides partners the ability to build tools and UI through a comprehensive suite of APIs. BlueKai APIs offer the same capabilities and tools as found within the BlueKai Exchange UI. For example, you can access real time the BlueKai data taxonomy, run in‐market analytics, and create new data campaigns and more.

BlueKai Server Data Transfer Technology

BlueKai offers partners a more efficient mechanism for transferring and purchasing data from BlueKai through a direct server‐to‐server data transfer rather then through conventional cookie‐based protocol.

User Experience Guard

BlueKai's pixel response monitoring ensures a seamless end user experience by reducing the risk of slow load times for all your disparate pixels from all your media partners.

Data Sampling

BlueKai integrates on a server‐to‐server basis, which offers companies the ability to incorporate a sample of BlueKai data for testing purposes. Companies can then effectively determine the right audience and price for their clients.

Performance Edge

BlueKai is constantly innovating. As a member of our partner network, you get access to tools, products, and enhancements that will give your BlueKai data the competitive edge over others in the market.

BlueKai Labs

This explorative program is designed to drive new data innovations with select partners. Experimental in nature, BlueKai Labs provides early access to new products, distribution methods, and pricing models in order to quickly bring the highest performing offerings to market.

It's a big, bold vision, but aren't those the best kind?