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Oracle has completed the acquisition of Bluekai. On July 10, 2015, will be decommissioned. For the latest information, please see Oracle Data Management Platform and Oracle Data as a Service (DaaS) product offerings, or visit

Increases your return on data

The Data-Driven Marketing Business: Data is at the core of marketing today and more often than not, it’s an area where your customers are looking for answers. How do we get to the data? Where can I find the data and activate it? The answer is quite simple. BlueKai.

BlueKai provides the solution of Data Activation for Data Providers. If you own and manage a data set and are looking for ways to get distribution to planners and buyers, BlueKai is the single solution you need. Our proprietary Data Management Platform (DMP) and the Audience Data Marketplace™ enable you to reach hundreds of thousands of data buyers across the entire marketing eco-system who are searching for data to be used in RTB media buying, site optimization, CRM, search, social and mobile marketing. The BlueKai solution translates into directly measurable and scalable revenue for you and your business.

Your data has value. In order to activate that value, you need to maintain maximum reach while also maintaining full control of the monetization process.

Our enterprise-level, cloud-based platform that manages your data assets and provides a common data management system for all your monetization programs to drive an increased return from your data.

As a Data Provider, you can leverage the BlueKai Data Management Platform™ (DMP) to open new revenue streams, extend your client reach, and simplify your reporting. Increase the value and return from your data by plugging into BlueKai’s seamless portability & ecosystem, extracting more value from your highest-performing data, and utilizing enterprise-level tools to create custom segments for Clients.

Building blocks of the BlueKai platform

Data Management Platform (DMP)

The Data Management Platform (DMP) is the essential piece of any data-driven revenue effort and the core of your enterprise-publishing suite. The DMP is the centralized system where all your data is stored, analyzed and used to build customized audience segments. With a DMP you can do many things:

  • Monetize your highest-performing data assets in a private exchange.
  • Control your data prices.
  • Leverage BlueKai's deep ecosystem integrations.

Included in the Data Management Platform are both the Audience Analytics Suite and the Applications by which marketers are able to do more with data.

Audience Data Marketplace

Check out the unveiling of the BlueKai Audience Data Marketplace as Oracle Data as a Service for Marketing!

Join us for a live webinar on July 22 or check out the on-demand version here.

The Audience Data Marketplace is the world’s largest collection of branded and unbranded 3rd party data available online. Directly integrated into the BlueKai DMP, the Marketplace provides direct access to more than 200 data providers, more than 30 of whom are branded and transparent in the system. BlueKai DMP publishers receive unfettered access to all of the data available in the Marketplace for use in audience analytics at no additional charge. Data fees are only associated with “activation” of data for outbound advertising or marketing, enabling BlueKai customers to “try before they buy” when it comes to 3rd party data. This can then be used to supplement what you know about your audience by giving you a much richer, 360 degree view of them, which is helpful in developing custom audience segmentation.

  • Provides the largest collection of branded and unbranded 3rd party data.
  • Gives free access to data for analytics purposes.
  • Enables deeper understanding of your audience, both customers and prospects.
  • Allows you to acquire and target new prospects with data from 3rd party sources.
  • Combines data and allows data segmentation to drive audience expansion.
  • Enables you to port your audience anywhere in the media ecosystem via BlueKai's Partner Program.