Data Activation:
Audience Analytics Suite

As an intelligent data-driven professional, you are constantly aiming to increase ROI from your media efforts. You rely on various forms of analytics to help you refine the targeting profile of your audience and to identify the most efficient way to reach them at scale.

However, these disparate analytics data gives you disconnected bits of audience and campaign intelligence that you then have to piece together on your own.

BlueKai Audience Analytics Suite provides a centralized hub for analyzing all audience and media performance data where marketers can plan, model, target, optimize and buy with confidence and ease.

Audience Analytics Suite allows you to:
  • Profile customers; discover new audiences.
  • Model target audiences with confidence, before a penny is spent on media.
  • Profile and grow current visitors to generate look-alike, act-alike, shop-alike, share-alike, convert-alike with demo, geo, interest, and in-market attributes.
  • Discover non-intuitive attributes of converters for audience expansion.
  • Performance-based planning; do more of what works.
  • Optimize your audience and media mix based on known 1st party performers who drive the most valuable parts of your funnel.